Save over $80 during this Green Monday sale on this biometric-enabled travel safe

Keeping your important stuff safe is critical. ID cards, memory sticks with sensitive information, jewelry, etc are all something that you want to keep secure. Unfortunately, most of us can't exactly lug a safe in our bags while we're on the move. 

But what if you could? That's where the TROVA GO comes in — a safe that combines the ease of biometrics with a sleek alloy aluminum case to keep your important things secure. As part of our Green Monday sale, we are giving an additional 20% off the TROVA GO with the code GREEN20. You'll only pay $156.79, a savings of $82 off the MSRP!

The TROVA GO is a pocket-sized safe that uses your biometric information to stay secure. Connected via Bluetooth, the TROVA GO is paired with only certain users so your items are safe while remaining accessible. No forgotten PINs, passwords, or combinations — the TROVA GO uses 21st-century tech to make security simpler than ever.

Made from hardened alloy aluminum, the TROVA GO is light enough for you to carry around all day while tough enough to withstand serious punishment, with a silicon lining that protects the contents and conceals odors. As a bonus, you get the chic TROVA GO case, a leather sleeve that protects your safe from scratches and scuffs.

In their review for the TROVA GO, PCMag said "The Trova Go does exactly what it sets out to do: provide a secure, private container for your sensitive materials. It's stylish and about as secure as a portable, pocketable lockbox can be, and it's as easy to unlock as your phone."

For this Green Monday, get $82 the TROVA GO when you use the code GREEN20. You'll only pay $156.79 for the safe, simple privacy that the lightweight and sleek TROVA GO provides. 

Prices subject to change.