Autonomous sonar boat searches for sunken treasure

Red Maniac devised and made an autonomous sonar drone—a boat!—that tools around lakes looking for signs of sunken treasure under the waves.

The parts list is specialized, to say the least. An afternoon at Home Depot will not cut it!

36" wam-o brand boogie board
560kv 24v underwater thruster
Spedix 30A HV 3-6s esc (set to bidirectional)
Matek F405 Wing flight controller (running Ardupilot/Rover 4.1)
Holybro M9n GPS/Compass module
X-Rock 915mhz 1000mw telemetry radio
TBS Crossfire Full Module
Taranis X9D radioMultistar 4s 6,600mah (X3 parallel)
Humminbird Helix 7
Mega SI G3 sonar