Check out this wacky, racist movie trailer from yesteryear

Although many people still resist positive representation on the screen, Hollywood's gotten better at showcasing marginalized groups and cultures. As a Black cinephile, watching the scores of quality roles previously designated "white only" become occupied by Black talent is refreshing. There's still quite a row left to hoe, but the progress made by Black filmmakers and actors is astonishing.

Whenever I start to feel like representation in entertainment isn't changing fast enough for my tastes, I like to take a trip down memory lane. I go back and watch the absolutely abysmal way Black people were presented in 20th-century media. Sometimes it's disheartening and offensive, and sometimes it's hysterical. Occasionally, there's the rare clip that elicits both responses.

In the video linked above, we're treated to a hilarious trailer for the 1961 film "My baby is black." I could go into greater detail, but I fear it would ruin the gag.