Florida man and woman find 80,000 bees behind their bathroom wall

Stefanie and Dan Graham of St. Petersburg, Florida had started a renovation in their bathroom when they suspected that a hive of bees had taken residence behind their shower wall. They weren't entirely surprised as this apparently had happened before. This time, the bad news is that the hive was seven-feet tall and held 80,000 bees. The good news is there was 100 pounds of honey.

From the New York Times:

The colony's size astounded even Elisha Bixler, the professional beekeeper whom the couple, Stefanie and Dan Graham of St. Petersburg, Fla., had enlisted to get them out of the sticky situation.

"There was honey everywhere: walls, floor, on my shoes, doorknobs," Ms. Bixler recounted in an interview on Wednesday. "I had to pull the wall down to the studs to get all of the comb out."[…]

Ms. Bixler saved a lot of the honey, which she said she fed to the bees that she has rescued and keeps at her small urban farm in St. Petersburg. The Grahams held on to some of the honey for themselves.

"I told them they had an option of just biting into that comb, or you can put it into a colander and just squeeze out the honey," Ms. Bixler said.

Ms. Bixler said that she nurses the bees that she rescues back to health and relocates them to apiaries.

top image: Diyana Dimitrova/Shutterstock.com