In true form, this mini dumpster will help clean your life up

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Listen, not everything in life is a total garbage situation. While there is a lot of terrible things surrounding the current national climate, you're still doing well and that's pretty great, especially since you've been doing most of your work from home in your underwear.

To celebrate your high achievement of answering one email per day, get yourself some cool new desk swag with this Dumpsty Jr: Mini Desktop Bin to keep everything neat and tidy. 

Whether you need a little laugh in your day or you're just looking for something to accompany the dumpster fire day you may be having (hey, they can't all be as bad as the last), grab this little desk buddy and make your space for organized. We do hear the irony in using a dumpster to clean the place up, but hear us out.

Made from steel and comes with detailed hinges and working lids, this trash bin is quite the opposite and fully functions as a vessel for pens, markers, rulers, and other small items. With fork pockets and bottom skids, this only looks like a trash collector (we suppose you still could throw rubbish in there, but that would be a waste of a cool product).

Beyond that, it comes with some super fun add-ons we're pretty amped about. Included are three pairs of lids in black, baby blue, and yellow, as well as a pair of mini dumpster warning sign magnets so you can still have some fun while you're slowly dying at the other end of the expense reports you forgot about. 

See why this little guy is a crowd favorite on Amazon, scoring 4.9 stars. Get the Dumpsty Jr: Mini Desktop Bin, which includes three pairs of lids and two magnet signs, for $74.99, down from $99.

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