Learn game development using Unity and Unreal with these $40 training courses

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Have you always dreamed of creating your own video game, but it feels impossible or that it'll take too long to develop? Well, the 2022 Premium Learn Game Development Bundle makes this possible, and it's on sale for just $40.

The bundle starts off simple with a beginner-friendly tutorial on Unity, navigating through the basics of game development and coding. You'll need no prior knowledge of these techniques and will be supported by other students and the highly-engaged GameDev.TV team along the way. Whether you're a coder or artist, you'll transition nicely into the next course that touches base on the industry-standard language C++, while also using Unreal Engine 4 Editor. 

Keeping the momentum going, you'll be able to explore your creative side by building out a 3D model with Blender. Beginners can dive into the fundamentals, while more advanced users can sharpen their skills by accessing the project-based lessons with real 3D models. Once you've got your 3D models, the fun begins when you can get into the role-playing of the games and create your ideal combat scenario. With a 4.7 out of 5-star rating, this course allows you to make realistic-looking terrains, enemies, triggers, and more. 

Additionally, if you want to take your coding to the next level you can fine-tune your programming practices and identify issues within your game using Unity. Finish the course strongly by discussing the why's and end-goals of your project with inspiring instructors that'll motivate and push you in the right direction to complete your final vision. 

With each course typically being worth $195 in value, you can now turn your dreams into a reality by grabbing the 6-course game development bundle for $40 — a true victory. 

Price subject to change.