The only human living on the Greek islet of Kinaros still wanted a Covid shot, so she had one shipped in

Kyra Rini is the only person living on the Greek islet of Kinaros. And although the 75-year-old woman only runs into another human every other week or so, when mail and supplies are delivered, she still insisted on getting a Covid vaccination.

And so she sent a message to Lefteris Karaiskos, the mayor of nearby Greek island Amorgos, according to the Greek Reporter, who immediately sent a vaccination crew on the "post boat" to carry out her wish.

The trip itself, which normally takes 1 1/2 hours, took 4 1/2 hours because of bad weather, but Rini was able to get her shot, and besides a sore arm, didn't experience any side effects.

Rini, who grew up on Kinaros, lived there with her husband (they were the only two residents on the islet) until 2013, when he died. Which left her — and her animals — the only residents left. To read more about Rini, here is a short bio.