Watch Mike Tyson explain the X-Men to Roseanne Barr

I'll always be fascinated by Mike Tyson. His strange mannerisms and hobbies offer the perfect counterpoint to his pugilistic proficiency. I'm not going to go so far as saying that Tyson has the soul of a poet—given his past, that would be a bridge too far—but it is refreshing to learn that he has a soul. After watching him bludgeon another adult male in under 90 seconds, it's pretty easy to forget that. 

The Instagram page Gabe Loves 90s Comics provides a clip from a retro interview between Roseanne Barr and Iron Mike in the video linked above. Bringing Roseanne into his inner world, Tyson shows off his prized collection: his array of X-Men action figures from ToyBiz. And Mike isn't just into the toys for the aesthetic. During the interview, he breaks down some of Strong Guy's lore from the satellite X-Men team known as X-Factor. Mike has clearly done his homework.