Watch the entertaining hypocrisy of Fox "reporters" on texts and privacy in new supercut

The shameless balking heads at Fox always root for exposure of "private" texts — unless, of course, the texts are sent by their own criminal tribe. Then, suddenly, using texts as evidence is an outrage.

For example, an indignant Tucker Carlson recently said, "We now live in a country where none of your private communications are safe from the eyes of power-drunk politicians like Liz Cheney," in reaction to Cheney's reading of panicked Jan. 6 texts from the likes of Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Trump Jr.

But this same two-faced gentleman sang a different tune when FBI's Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page's texts criticizing Trump became public: "Tonight, newly released text messages from the two of them, well now, mysteriously and thankfully we have them."

The blatant hypocrisy of Fox "News" and its GQP propaganda machine is on full display in this entertaining MeidasTouch supercut.