Brave teens climb out 4th floor window of burning building, grab onto pipe (video)

As a deadly fire engulfed an apartment building in New York City's East Village Thursday morning, two teenagers managed to escape by climbing out of their 4th floor window, bravely reaching to grab onto a pipe, and then carefully sliding down.

Approximately 180 firefighters were at the scene, fighting a fire that started on the 4th floor at 7:15am after a loud explosion was heard.

Although the teens, ages 18 and 13, made it to safety, unfortunately another person, age 38, died and eight people were injured.

From ABC:

"They were about to jump out the window but everyone kept telling them to hold on, so when they held on, they got onto the side of the pole and they started sliding down…and those kids, they made it down," neighbor Tashaka Owens said.

The two were treated for smoke inhalation and burns, but survived.

Here is video shot of the teens from what appears to be across the street: