Ryanair removes passenger from flight after his unhinged anti-vax rant (video)

Passengers on a Ryanair flight were about to take off from London, headed for Dublin, when a crazed Qnut suddenly took center stage.

It started when a flight attendant asked him to put on a mask, according to Yahoo!. That set him off. For the next 20-25 minutes the anti-vaxxer walked up and down the aisle, rambling about the dangers of Covid vaccines, warning passengers that they're being "lied to," that the "plandemic" is forcing people to "inject poison into your kids," and that people need to "do the research!" He added in a bunch of Jesus talk for good measure.

From Yahoo!:

Footage by passenger Lorna Spaine shows the man ranting from the aisle of the plane as people waited to depart Stansted Airport.

"Just as we were about to take off a steward asked him to put his face mask on when all hell broke loose," Spaine told Storyful. "He ranted for 20 to 25 minutes before security came and removed him and then searched the plane for any remaining bags."

In a statement, Ryanair said the man was "removed by the crew after breaching airport security and becoming disruptive on board."

It's not clear why it took so long for anyone to stop this obnoxious, maskless, germ-spreading man. The video below shows part of the shouting, but ends before he was escorted off the plane.