This professional gaming headset provides the total immersive experience

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Once upon a time, realism in video games improved from generation to generation. Nowadays, however, we see massive graphical boosts each year, and that's coupled with everything from smoother controls and more robust multiplayer capabilities. Still, all of these improvements are hardly noteworthy if you don't capture all of your senses: namely audio. 

The sounds of the game. The communication between teammates. The isolation from the outside world. It all matters and contributes to the experience, and more importantly, your success within a game. If you're looking for a pair of cans to capture all that, the Alpha Bravo GX-1 professional gaming headset, available for $119.99, creates the total immersive experience that lifelong gamers have been seeking since playing Zelda on Super Nintendo as kids.

And, yes, times have changed, as this headset is compatible with consoles such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation, but you can plug it into your PC and more. They're noise-canceling, comfortable, and the microphone is professional quality, allowing you to communicate clearly in competitive online gaming. Volume controls for the headset are on the cord, and you can easily adjust them with a flick of your finger.

As a bonus, the headset features aesthetically pleasing blue LED lights, so you can announce to everyone in your dimly-lit gamer den that you're a real pro. Need more convincing? The Alpha Bravo GX-1 has an average of 4.7-out-of-5 stars review on Amazon and comes with a four-band, 3.5-millimeter AUX cord and a USB connection. 

Think about how thrilling it was when 3D graphics became incorporated into video games around the turn of the century. And the first time you played your favorite game online with a rudimentary headset. The Alpha Bravo GX-1 gives the futuristic experience you've been pining for decades, and it's just $119.99 right now.

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