Watch Laura Ingraham when Sean Hannity announces sudden Cancruz-style escape

An on-air Laura Ingraham looks none too pleased when she finds out, on the spot, that Fox colleague Sean Hannity is suddenly skipping out of town, Ted-Cancun-Cruz style, not to return until 2022. As in, when the goings get tough, the tough hightail it out of town.

Remember, Ingraham and Hannity, both who have downplayed the Capitol insurrection since day one, had secretly sent out panicked texts to Mark Meadows on Jan 6, pleading to make the rioting stop. But the texts were exposed this week, read aloud by Liz Cheney, and what better way to face a PR crisis than to simply escape, leaving your partner to hold the bag?

The look on Ingraham's face after Hannity announces that he won't be returning until after the New Year says it all. But then she says more.

"Where are you skedaddling off to?" she asks with a slight stutter. "Does this mean tonight is your last show until the New Year?"

Hannity chuckles nervously, skirting around the topic with a weird non sequitur that he could get called back from vacation, "that could happen."

After a bit of awkward banter between the two, Ingraham manages to compose herself, but one can only imagine the behind-the-scenes Fox-fit that undoubtedly ensued once the cameras stopped rolling.