Marjorie Taylor Greene used a racial slur when boasting about GOP diversity

Marjorie Taylor Greene proved the GOP is diverse in her opening speech during a rally at Turning Point USA's "AmericaFest" on Sunday by using a racial slur against Asian Americans.

"When I walked in yesterday, I was like, what kind of people come here?" the QAnon representative for Georgia said. "So I'm walking around and seeing some good people, and I see white people, Black people, brown people, yellow people."

After praising Jesus and Donald Trump, she then sarcastically added,  "I know exactly what this is: the left calls this a white supremacist party," suggesting that by having Asians in the audience, white supremacists couldn't possibly be among them.

George Takai responded in a tweet, saying, "I honestly haven't heard someone use 'yellow people' for decades. Perhaps she meant 'yellow bellied people' because there are certainly lots in that crowd."