15 card games, puzzles, and more that will keep you busy all winter long

Unless you live among year-round snakes, alligators, and warm weather Karens, chances are you reside somewhere that has harsh winter weather conditions full of snow and sadness (or maybe you just chose to wish away the weather, whatever works buddy). No matter where you live, this winter is bound to be a long one, don't get stuck with the same Netflix show 400 times over and grab one of these card games here on sale. 

Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version – $19.99; originally $29

Like charades if it were given six shots of vodka, this game is perfect for your next adult soirée. Just do us a favor and make sure the kids are tucked away for everyone's sake. 

FLUSTER: The Social Card Game – $24.99; originally $35

Got a secret? Can you keep it? If you've got a cringe-fueled scenario to bring to the table, you've got the upper hand in this game.  

Power Hour Tower – Adult Party Game – $32.99; originally $34

Like its wholesome little brother Jenga, this game has the same premise of pulling blocks in hopes the tower it's building won't tumble. The twist? Each block is played differently for a night of fun.

Farting Frenchies: A Card Game – $19.99; originally $24

Let's be honest, Fido farting in your bed doesn't sound like a wild time, but this game does. Perfect for the whole family, Farting Frenchies ensures hours of laughs.

Crystal Chess Set – $159.99; originally $300

Looking to class up the joint? This crystal chess set should do the trick.

300-Piece Pokemon Cards Pack – $45.95; originally $69

With 300 of your favorite classic and modern Pokemon, this collection encompasses a millennial's hopes and dreams all in one. Of course, other generations can get in on the fun as well.

Llama Drama Card Game – $9.99; originally $24

Not to be confused with mama drama, this game is fun for the whole family and doesn't cause friction between members (except for Uncle Tim, he's the worst). Unload your llamas and be the ultimate champion in your family. 

Puzzledly 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – $24.99; originally $25

We've all done a puzzle or two since March 2020, but now those have lost pieces and their luster. Grab another floral 1,000 pieces for you and your whole family.

Puzzledly 500-Piece Puzzles – $19.99; originally $20

Another great puzzle, this one only has 500 pieces but maybe a bit harder. Put it together in full and you'll get a myriad of wonderful colors all in one puzzle.

Puzzledly 1,000-Piece Collection: 5 Jigsaw Puzzles – $88.99; originally $125

A gift for the ultimate puzzler, this set comes with five awesome puzzles to do solo or with a group of friends. Who knows, you may even recruit a few newbies and turn them into puzzle addicts like yourself. 

The One Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF – $24.99; originally $30

Looking to score some quick cash? Put this puzzle together and you could be the recipient of a million in cold hard cash. At the very least, you'll win 25 cents, so everyone's a winner!

Bad People Party Card Game – $21.99; originally $24

This very aptly named game is perfect for people who pride themselves on being absolute nightmares. Someone has to be the dictator in this game if that's any indication of what's to come when you pick up the cards.

Liar Liar Party Card Game – $16.99; originally $19

Pants on fire? If not, this game is sure to burn your buns when you try and figure out which of your friends are pathological liars and which are sweet angel babies. 

Pick Your Poison Party Card Game (NSFW) – $19.99; originally $24

Just as its title makes it sound, this game is purely luck of the draw. Only the unfortunate find themselves at the wrong end of the judge.

The Voting Game: Party Card Game About Your Friends – $19.99; originally $24

How much do you know about these "best friends" of yours? This game will test friendships and help people become a little more aquatinted with one another.

Prices subject to change.