Alex Jones suggests Trump is a traitor for getting a booster: "Now we've got Trump on their team!"

When Trump admitted to Bill O'Reilly on Sunday that he got a booster shot, the Dallas crowd booed. But it was nothing compared to the growling, stuttering reaction he got from Info Wars host Alex Jones.

"Hell, we're fighting Bill Gates and Fauci and Biden and the New World Order and Psaki and – and – and the Davos Group … and now we've got Trump on their team!" he screamed.

It's not the first time Jones has slammed Trump for suggesting it could be a good idea to get vaccinated. In August he called the ex-president a "dumbass" after Trump admitted to a his Alabama rally crowd that he had received the vaccine and that it could be good for them as well.

"But my God," Jones said at the time. "Maybe you're not that bright. Maybe Trump's actually a dumbass."

Trump gets booed: