Listen to the Beach Boys sing T-Pain

The connection between music and comedy isn't new. Matt Bellamy of Muse once claimed to have penned several songs from the band's album Second Law with the intent of making the audience laugh. Nirvana famously allowed Bobcat Goldthwait to open for them on the road. And let's not forget about Eddie Murphy's frequent foray into the recording studio. Music and comedy are far from secret lovers, but the internet has made their love affair all the more public.

In the video linked above, YouTuber Salvador Peralta creates a strange audio concoction by mixing the beloved Beach Boys with T-Pain. The combination sounds like an abomination on paper, but somehow Peralta pulls it off. The vocal harmonies of the Beach Boys add a level of innocence to the song that defies the tawdry content of the lyrics and is bound to at least make you smile.