Murderous monkeys on revenge rampage after dogs allegedly killed a monkey infant

In Maharashtra, India, a troop of monkeys have reportedly gone on a murderous revenge rampage against local dogs after canines allegedly killed an infant monkey. Depending on which report you read, local media states that the monkeys may have taken revenge by killing several dogs, or even hundreds of dogs (!), by throwing them off buildings and trees in the town of Majalgaon.

"The issue is true but we do not have any evidence to say how many puppies of dogs have been killed," says PV Munde, the senior police inspector in the area. "But yesterday forest officials from Aurangabad came and captured two monkeys."

Here's a scary bit from News18's take on the happenings:

Monkeys have killed almost all the pups in the village and now, villagers say that there are hardly any pups left in their village. But monkeys have not stopped. Troops have started targeting small kids. School-going kids are being attacked by the monkeys and this has created panic among the villagers.

"Revenge of the Apes: Monkeys in Maha's Beed On a Murderous Rampage After Dogs Kill One of their Infants" (News18)

"Two monkeys captured for allegedly killing puppies in 'retaliation' in Maharashtra" (Indian Express)