The life and (possible) death of Tokyo's capsule tower

While some tiny apartments are cute pieces of architecture crafted with the highest efficiency in mind, others are so cramped and depressing it's practically criminal. One of the original influences for the concept, the Nakagin capsule tower, is slowly fading away as tiny apartments become more widespread.

During Japan's economic expansion, Tokyo made an effort to match the futuristic growth of the nation with its architecture. With the Metabolism movement, Japanese architects designed artistically stunning buildings in the city and worldwide, and the Nakagin capsule tower embodies the movement's ideas.

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Abroad in Japan goes into the history of the Nakagin tower and explains why the landmark is facing destruction. Unless you make an effort to venture to the land of the rising sun within the next year, this might be the last time you ever get to see the tower.