Watch this Japanese schoolgirl fight crime with a rocket launcher

Japanese culture is a beautiful, bottomless treasure chest. If you're shopping for quality animation, you're seldom going to be disappointed. Fond of pro wrestling? Japanese pro wresters are so intense that a seven-year-old would sprout a beard after watching one match. The same standard of quality applies to Japanese live-action dramas as well. 

In the 80s, Japan became obsessed with the juvenile delinquent trope. Macho characters like Jotaro from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Yusuke from YuYu Hakusho became synonymous with the trope in animation, but juvenile delinquent girls held sway in the world of live-action. Japanese television in the 1980s was replete with an army of rebellious girls that fought crime with odd gimmicks. How odd did the gimmicks get? One of the delinquent girls actually fought crime with a rocket launcher. 

In the video linked above, YouTuber Kenny Lauderdale goes into the over-the-top series known as Shoujo Commando Izumi. If you want a taste of truly bizarre television, please give the video a watch.