World Cup hosts Qatar seizes rainbow-colored kids toys for being "anti-Islamic"

Qatari authorities boasted monday that they'd seized a range of rainbow-colored childrens' toys because they displayed "anti-Islamic" values. The Deccan Herald:

"The Ministry …carried out inspection campaigns on a number of shops in different regions of the country, and the campaigns resulted in the seizure and release of a number of violations, represented by children playing with slogans that violate Islamic values, customs and traditions," tweeted Qatar's Ministry of Commerce and Industry, with a photo of the colorful rubbery toys.

Sending the World Cup to a place that had to build air-conditioned stadiums for it was a corrupt joke. But if you are in any way visibly queer or have any sort of queer public profile, you'd be out of your fucking mind to go to Qatar for the World Cup next year.