Crush your opponents and save more than $350 with this gaming PC

There's some serious power behind gaming now — people are even creating "gamer paradise" AirBnbs. But if you're a purist, you know that the PC is the best way to enjoy your games. Gaming PCs have the power, speed, and customizability to give you exactly what you want, unlike some cookie-cutter console design (and don't forget the mods!).

The catch? Building a top-tier PC can be incredibly expensive right now, especially with graphics cards and RAM shortages, which is why you should consider deals that are renewed and refurbished. For example, right now there's an excellent sale on the Periphio Green Gaming PC Computer: only $539.52 for an excellent PC ready to boot up right out the box. That's 40% off the usual price, a savings of more than $350!

Ready to handle the most popular games right away, you'll be dominating League of Legends and Minecraft with this Periphio pre-built. Sporting an Intel Core i5 6500 and 1GB of DDR4 RAM, it's a blazing fast PC that will keep you lag-free in intense matches and quests. A hard drive that has 1TB of size and an additional solid-state drive with 240GB so you won't be waiting around for your PC to boot up.

As a bonus, the rig comes with an RGB light-up case so you can show off your new tech to all your jealous friends! The only piece of the puzzle you need is a graphics card for even higher-end games, but the integrated graphics are more than enough for titles like League and Dota 2. If you have an older GPU lying around and just need a PC refresh, Periphio has you covered.

You'll be saving more than $350 when you get 40% off with this sale. You can have the Periphio Green Gaming PC Computer for only $539.52, which is a steal for how expensive parts are now! Grab yours today and start gaming with friends!

Prices subject to change.