How hundred year old books are restored

It's hard to let something you loved go. Watching cherished items wither as a result of time is an unsettling reminder of our impermanence as human beings. Often, these items serve as a portal into the glistening years of our youth, and watching them fall into disrepair signifies a pathway to nostalgia becoming forever inaccessible. In rare cases, these items can get revivified through a craftsman's gifted hands to potentially create a family heirloom. Watching a master craftsman restore an old book is one of the most pleasurable experiences any bibliophile can have.

In the video linked above, YouTuber Merphy Napier takes viewers into the world of book restoration in her series of videos about the world of publishing. Merphy follows a seasoned restoration expert as she breaks down the various steps necessary to preserve and rebind books that are centuries old. If you've got a weathered copy of an American classic on your bookshelf that's a little worse for wear, give the video a watch. You might be able to save your favorite books from an undesired demise.