Man arrested for stealing entire bridge

Last month, someone stole a 10-foot-wide, 6-feet tall, 58-foot long bridge disappeared from a park in Akron, Ohio where it was being stored during a wetland restoration project. Investigators have finally located the metal and wood bridge, partially disassembled, in the yard of a man who lives just one county over, in Medina.

David Bramley, 63, of Burdett Road in Wadsworth, was charged with felony theft, according to Akron police and court records.

Detectives said they found that Bramley, who had worked in the Akron area, paid a trucking company for crane service[…]

The bridge is expected to be shipped back to Akron over the span of upcoming days, police said.

Bramley will be arraigned tomorrow.

image: Akron Police Department