Nonfungible Olive Gardens

Now you can own your favorite local resaurant as an NFT! Nonfungible Olive Gardens is a real bag o' tokens, and a perfectly simple illustration of what you're buying—and what you're not buying—when you buy an NFT.

Every Non-fungible Olive Garden franchise is an ERC-721 token representing one real-world Olive Garden location. Images are programatically generated with a variety of 9 delicious backgrounds including fettucini alfredo, chicken marsala, and more. Metadata and images are distributed on IPFS.

Breadsticks are ERC-721 tokens numbered in the order minted. Breadstick metadata is stored on-chain with images distributed on IPFS.

Is this affiliated with Olive Garden?


These Olive Garden NFTs may be found on OpenSea, some recently having sold for more than 0.15 ETH.