What modern apps would have looked liked on a 1990s Mac

Michael Feeney recreated modern MacOS apps to look like they're running on MacOS 9 at some vague moment in the late 1990s. His work is remarkably fastidious and completist, resulting in the development of a Mac OS 9 UI Kit.

mac)OStalgia is exploring my 2021 work-from-home routine from a nostalgic perspective. How would have the same workflow looked like with the tools of today and the limitations of yesterday. macOS 9 meets modern software with unreliable internet, little disk storage and many more tech hiccups.

I think Feeney's exhaustive detail work means the results are far more realistic than the usual mockups—and less dreamily enticing. I expected to like modern apps with a simpler, oldschool UI—but they mostly strike me as cluttered and confusing. Back to Windows 96 for me!