Brrrn Board: Six Foot Adjustable Slideboard here to make at home workouts fun again

We hate to break it to you, but gyms are disgusting. Think about it for a hot minute: everyone's sweating, grunting, and throwing basic hygiene social cues out of the window in the name of some gains. Beyond that, we might be banned from gyms once again thanks to a certain global pandemic that shall not be named. So do us a favor and don't take too many drastic measures to cleanse yourself of other people's fifth and, instead, have a home workout routine handy. Should you find yourself either too grossed out or too quarantined to make it to the gym, try this Brrrn Board: Six Foot Adjustable Slideboard.

Not just any ol' boring stair master, this 6' adjustable board is made for those of us who need a high-class way to get everything moving. By maximizing your performance and minimizing joint stress, this bad boy improves your balance, mobility, and endurance through lateral movement. This way, you're never doing the same thing twice and you're working every working part of your bag of nuts and bolts. Speaking of having a diverse workout regiment, this baby also includes hundreds of on-demand workouts in eight categories, so there is no shortage of sweat.

Beyond its actual use, this board is also super stylish and fits (and vanishes) into any elite home. When you need it, you can ensure that this eco-friendly and recyclable board's true natural rubberwood meets the style profile of any swanky room. And when you don't, you can just slide it under your bed, sofa, table, or anywhere that might have a little free storage space.

Find out what The New York Times, Men's Health, Fast Company, and Vogue are ranting and raving about. Get the Brrrn Board: Six Foot Adjustable Slideboard, which includes a pair of slide booties and ArmorAll board wipes, for $269.99 (Reg $299.99) with code SLIDE6.

Prices subject to change.