Grifters gotta grift: Roger Stone to sell a Donald Trump autograph NFT

Convicted, yet pardoned by another grifter, Roger Stone is selling an NFT of Donald Trump's signature to help pay for his mountain of legal bills.


"To Roger YOU ARE THE GREATEST!," reads a Trump note in his distinct scrawl on the cover of a now-defunct trade publication: Real Estate New York. If the bid exceeds $20,000 dollars, the bidder gets the physical version of the magazine along with "one of only one" digital copy, which Stone marketed as an NFT, or a non-fungible token. NFT's, which are essentially non-interchangeable digital tokens of a visual item, have shaken up the art world this past year with many being sold for millions. Former first lady Melania Trump recently announced that she too was entering the industry.

In an email, Stone said he believed Trump signed the magazine in 1999 and that it was "indeed real." While Real Estate New York was a magazine, POLITICO was unable to confirm when or if Trump graced the cover.

As of mid-day Wednesday, there were zero bids for Stone's item.

Bidding appears to have reached $1100.