The Punisher is getting a new logo

Marvel Comics recently announced a new Punisher maxiseries by writer Jason Aaron with art by Jesús Saiz & Paul Azaceta, in which the Punisher takes over the deadly ninja assassin clan known as the Hand. While the storyline isn't set to launch until March 2022, the preview art released so far has shown the Punisher abandoning his iconic skull logo…

…And embracing a new, more demonic iconography:

Could this be some brand synergy with the symbol of the Mandalorians, from that other Disney-owned property? Or perhaps it's a reference to the pseudonymous Beast worshipped by the Hand themselves? Or maybe, just maybe, it's a pointed commentary on the appropriation of the Punisher skull by fascists and police who either don't understand that a war veteran turned murderous vigilante whose family was brutally killed was supposed to be an indictment on the failures of the system, or, worse, do?

Unclear. But either way, it's comics, so the change probably won't last that long anyway.