A woman with Covid charts the ridiculous amount of time and tests it took to find out she had it

Ariel Dumas, head writer for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, lives with a partner who tested positive for Covid. But it took Dumas six (6!!) tests and 11 days before she found out she was also infected with the coronavirus. By then, she'd already suffered through most of the symptoms.

In the video below, which she originally posted to TikTok, she shows us a hand-drawn timeline — which includes dates of symptoms and testing — from when her partner tested positive to when she finally tested positive.

"Moral of the story," she says in summary. "If you think you have a bad cold, you don't. You have Covid. The reason you're testing negative is probably because your viral load is not beefy enough to show up on a test. Keep testing."

Via Daily Dot