North Pole Nutrias is a kid's Christmas special for weirdos and happy mutants alike

Rumor has it, the story of the flying reindeers on Santa's sleigh was derived from the way that real-life reindeers would get high off psychedelic mushrooms in the forest and jump around.

I think that whoever made North Pole Nutrias may have been chemically altered in a similar way to the jumping reindeers. The 30-minute program airs every Christmas season on Cox Channel 10 in New Orleans.

The plot follows two nutrias, Dusy and Treasure, who embark on a very wacky journey to the North Pole after winning a vacation package to an ice cave hotel.

My favorite part of this show is the artistic weirdness of all the hand-made puppets and sets. I've never laid my eyeballs upon a Christmas show quite like this one.