Watch: Anti-vaxxers are none-too-pleased when Trump Grill turns them away

A woebegone group of anti-vaxxers harassed a Trump Grill security officer in New York City yesterday for not allowing them to enter the fine dining establishment.

"Trump is a fraud if he enforces this!" one disillusioned gentleman said.

The officer, who at times seemed to be suppressing a laugh, tried to explain. "They're under a mandate … They don't want to get in trouble … Either case, right now I'll tell you now, they aren't going to seat you."

"I made a reservation," one of the soon-to-be ex-Trumpers says.

"You can make ten reservations," the officer says. "It's not a guarantee… That's not a Constitutional right."

The disgruntled MAGA folk — none who were wearing masks — happened to visit the two-Yelp-star restaurant located inside Trump Tower just four days after Trump admitted he'd received his booster. And their bellyaching got them nowhere.