Watch Dario Argento's Opera in full

There are few things better than settling into Christmas by ingesting all of the seasonal art that's available. Whether it's blasting different renditions of Christmas songs on loop or overdosing on movies loaded with the yuletide charm, everyone has their preferred Christmas ritual. However, sometimes the season can be a little too saccharine. I think that's why people have started to place Die Hard within the Christmas genre. As fun as the endless cheer of the season can be, Christmas could use a slight edge. 

Typically, the rumblings for the Christmas season begin directly after Halloween. The bizarre form of cultural whiplash that comes from trading undead witches for reindeers in under 24 hours only becomes more pronounced every year. As a result, I think it would be interesting to change the order of operations a little. How about we inject some Halloween into the sentimentality of the Christmas season? 

In the video linked above, you can watch horror mastermind Dario Argento's Opera in its entirety. If you need a little tonal variety, click the video and spend some time at the opera.