Why do Checkers and Rally's have different names?

We're adrift in the sea of corporate synergy, and I don't think we'll see the shore ever again. Take being a fan of Marvel, for example. Let's say you want to watch the upcoming Dr. Strange movie. Well, you have to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home first. Once you manage that, you have to block out time to watch Hawkeye on Disney +. On top of that, get ready for a slew of McDonald's and Liberty Mutual ads, all promoting the movie you already planned to see, sandwiched in between the peripheral media you're consuming to understand the film. It's a mess. 

You can't even go to a baseball game without being reminded- by the name of the stadium, no less- you should probably buy a smoothie from Smoothie King. Brands have wormed their way into every aspect of our lives. That's why I find restaurants like Checkers and Rally's so fascinating. In the era of constant corporate connection, it seems odd that a franchise would have two different names depending on which side of the country you inhabit. Ever wonder why that was? 

In the video linked above, Company Man's YouTube channel provides the backstory for Checkers and Rally's. Man, I can really go for a burger right about now.