Let's celebrate one of the first Black comic artists

Comics have been experiencing a diversity boom for a long time now. While there were always females and creators of color in comics, their names aren't championed as loudly as their white male counterparts. Take Karen Beger, for example. Without her guiding influence over DC Comics in the 80s, we would've never gotten Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, or the Vertigo imprint. With a contribution as seismic as that, one would think that Beger would get mentioned in the same breath as the creators she signed. However, only die-hard fans know about Berger and her influence. Imagine how many other unsung heroes there are in the world of comic books.

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Comic Tropes features one of the greatest unsung heroes in the medium's history: Matt Baker. With work that looks shockingly contemporary for its era, Baker was a genius artist that helped pave the way for future creators like Sanford Greene and Brian Stelfreeze. To honor the legacy of an underappreciated hero, give the video a watch.