18 attacked in squirrel rampage

A "bloodthirsty" squirrel reportedly bit 18 people in a Welsh village over the course of a "two-day Christmas rampage" that ended only when the tiny animal was trapped and destroyed. The Evening Standard:

more than a dozen locals reported being attacked by the rodent with some posting gory images of bloody bite marks and deep scratches requiring tetanus jabs amid the two-day "rampage".

The squirrel was also accused of biting dogs, cats and chasing people down country roads.

Lurking context: gray squirrels such as that one are an invasive species in the UK, forcing out the cuter local red squirrels with which some Britons identify in their sentimental hobbitlike way. So this squirrel was doomed to execution irrespective of its health or behavior as soon as authorities were called upon to trap it.