Check out this awesome metal cover of Titanic's theme song

Titanic traumatized me. Not the film, mind you, but the perpetually looped theme song that controlled radio play for years. Like the Bodyguard before it, Titanic was framed in my mind as a boring romance movie with the annoying song you couldn't escape. Before I saw the film, I had an ax to grind with its very existence. When I eventually did catch the movie, the resentment that bubbled in my heart made it hard to judge the film objectively. The song's horrific memory marred every performance in the flick and forced me to disregard James Cameron as an all-time great director.

Now that I've broken through the barrier of puberty, I've grown fond of Titanic. It's still incredibly over-hyped, in my opinion, but the film is far from the atrocity I imagined it to be. The song, though? That's still going to take some therapy to wade through. Or, at the very least, some positive reframing. 

In the video linked above, YouTuber and musician Johnathan Young belts out a metal cover of the Celine Dion monster hit. It's a slow burn but definitely worth the listen.