Exciting and new: 89 cruise ships currently report COVID-19 cases

Cruise ships continue to be an awful place to vacation if you do not want to contract COVID-19.


As of Tuesday, there were 89 cruise ships with COVID-19 cases reported, according to the CDC. All but three of those ships were under CDC investigation. Aside from Carnival CCL, -0.53% and Royal Caribbean RCL, 0.20%, COVID-19 cases also occurred on ships operated by Disney DIS, 0.30%, Norwegian Cruise Line NCLH, -0.54% and Viking Cruises.

"Protecting public health is a business imperative for the cruise industry," said Bari Golin-Blaugrund, vice president of strategic communications and public affairs at Cruise Lines International Association, an industry trade group.

"Cases that have been identified on cruise ships in recent weeks consistently make up a very slim percentage of the total population onboard, and the latest data show that COVID-19 has occurred less frequently on cruise ships than on land, with a greater proportion of asymptomatic or mild cases," Golin-Blaugrund added. She noted that a ship could become subject to CDC observation if 0.1% or more passengers or even a single crewmember had tested positive within the last seven days.