Anti-vax dummies storm and steal from what they think is a Covid-vaccine center

An angry parade of covidiots stormed into an NHS test-and-trace center near London thinking it was a Covid vaccine clinic. Video below shows the protestors, who were part of a "freedom" rally, stealing equipment, holding anti-vax signs, and shouting at the staff, many who took cover by locking themselves in offices.

From The Guardian:

Video shared on social media showed the group of several dozen activists, led by former Ukip candidate Jeff Wyatt, walking through the facility holding signs encouraging people not to get vaccinated and criticising the BBC.

Wyatt, a former deputy leader of the far-right For Britain Movement, addressed crowds at a rally held before the storming of the Covid-19 testing site, where he claimed there are "millions" of like-minded anti-vaccine activists who have "woken up".

Protesters were filmed walking towards the NHS test-and-trace centre while a man on a loudspeaker claims that it is where the "vaccine rollout" is taking place as activists walk by a sign that reads "Testing".

Other demonstrators are heard shouting "disgrace" and "shame on you" as staff appear to run away and take shelter in offices.

Nobody has yet been arrested but local police claim that "criminal offenses will be investigated and appropriate action taken".