Maskless woman won't let other shoppers pass her in a grocery store aisle

A woman caught on video is both maskless at a grocery store and purposely blocking others from passing her in a shopping aisle for her alleged fear of catching Covid. Referring to a "six foot law," she accuses other shoppers of "literally doing nothing but make me sick and go to the hospital," telling everyone to "back up [a phrase she uses more than once]."

Arguing with at least a few shoppers who are patiently waiting for her to move her cart, she says she won't even look for the items she needs until they "either back up, or do some other shopping and come back when I'm done."

Although it's true that the omicron variant has been found to be highly contagious, and assuming that for some reason this Karen can't wear a mask, she is still rude and unreasonable to both the shoppers and a store employee, to whom she said, "You're fired!" when the employee finally pushes her cart to the side so that people could pass through.