Remembering the legendary performance art band "Destroy all Monsters"

Grow Live Monsters is a collection of footage from short films made by the legendary avant garde band Destroy All Monsters between 1971 and 1976. Their music combined punk rock, psychedelic rock, metal and noise with performance art. These films are all DIY and no-budget. They're a goldmine of noise, lowbrow art, and psychedelic imagery. They also include documentation of some of the live performances put on by the band in underground settings such as basement cellars. Artists  Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Carey Loren, and Niagara were all band members.

From Ubuweb:

DVD Contents: "Grow Live Monsters (1971-1976)" – The early films of DAM; "Shake A Lizard Tail or Rust Belt Rump" – Montage of late-night TV adverts, techno club dancers, and Z grade monster clips; "Monsters Redux" – Outtakes, concert footage, band memorabilia, and photos; "DAM Invades Seattle" – Performance footage from Seattle, 2000; "Hometown Horrors" – Band photos and production stills.