The Button King sings about his adoration of buttons

Dalton Stevens, aka The Button King, sings a song about his button-covered life in this video: The Button King Sings. Bishopville, South Carolina.

Stevens, who passed away in 2016, developed chronic insomnia in his 50s. To pass the time at night, he developed an obsession with buttons. After three years of sewing and often staying up for 5 nights in a row, he covered an old denim jumpsuit with 16,333 buttons.

He regarded the jumpsuit as his masterpiece, but he's also used buttons to cover a pair of shoes, a banjo, a piano, his 1983 Chevy Chevette, a hearse, and the coffin that he wanted to be buried in.

If you're in South Carolina, you can view all of Steven's art pieces at the Button Museum.