Why did we even have a Harry and the Hendersons sitcom?

There's no consistent pattern to childhood memories. Some moments are impossible to excise from your gray matter and beam with a technicolor vibrance. Other moments hide behind commercial jingles and cobwebs. Often, without provocation, these memories can overwhelm the levees inside your noggin and flood your brain with a deluge of nostalgia. 

See, I experience that quite often, but my ancient memories–festooned with algae akin to sunken treasures– aren't associated with family members and events. I just remember really weird television shows. That's it. If I take one errant step towards my kitchen, disused areas of my brain come alight with memories of WMCA Masters or USA High. It's like living in Memento, except the plot stinks. 

Harry and the Hendersons should fall under the category of forgotten shows in my mind, but for some reason, I've never lost the vivid memory of it. Conversely, I've never seen an episode of the show. I caught the tail end of one, and it's selfishly taken up space in my prefrontal cortex that could've gone to Algebra or the date of my girlfriend's birthday. 

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Hats Off Entertainment gives an autopsy on the putrid failure of Harry and the Henderson's sitcom. I prayed the video would be enough to exorcise the memory from haunting my brain, but, alas, it was a fruitless endeavor. Hopefully, it can help someone else out there. Godspeed, my friends.