The breathtakingly gorgeous work of Jordi Lafebre

Copious social and psychological downsides notwithstanding, Instagram isn't half bad. Through the platform, I've discovered a host of talented comic artists. From undiscovered masters in the making to artists that would previously be outside of my awareness due to geography, Instagram has exposed me to some of my favorite illustrators.

Lafebre is a master of capturing tender moments.

As an American, it's easy to forget that comics are a global medium teeming with titanic creators from around the planet. In the past, since Marvel and DC were acknowledged as the pinnacle of the industry, several international artists were eager to jump into either company's loving embrace for recognition and payment. However, a few never strayed from their country of origin and consequently denied the masses their brilliance. For example, Eduardo Risso, famed Argentinian artist of 100 Bullets, had a prosperous career before defecting to DC comics. Had he resisted the allure of global exposure, Risso's Spanish works would have remained relatively obscure instead of becoming required reading for studious and completionist fans.

The main characters from Lefebre's Les Beaux Étés

Artists would almost have to make the jump to the big two for global recognition in previous eras, but Instagram has wholly obliterated that concept. Case in point, I present to you the mesmerizing work of Barcelonan artist Jordi Lafebre. The element that I find most intoxicating about Lafebre's work is the delicate details lovingly stitched into his cartoony figures. By choosing to erect his figures with simple shapes, endowing the characters with dynamic movement, Lafebre is free to pay tremendous attention to the subtle lines and textures that make his backgrounds pop. If you've got the time, browse through his Instagram galley. You won't be disappointed.

Correction: Lafebre is from Barcelona