Arch Enemy's new music is some of their best

It's been eight years since Alissa White-Gluz replaced Angela Gossow as the lead singer of Arch Enemy. Initially, as with all significant transitions in a band's line-up, there was some apprehension that Gossow would be impossible to replace, as her fiery, angelic vocals defined the band for 14 years. Gossow's distinctive metal growl took Arch Enemy into a whole new era creatively that subconsciously forced fans only to associate the group with a female lead. After hearing the piercing howls that only a woman could produce, most fans couldn't fathom the band bringing in a man to replace Gossow.

Not only did White-Gluz ably fill Gossow's shoes right off the bat, but it feels like she's finally starting to forge her own pathway to greatness now. In their new single "Deceiver, Deceiver" – linked in the video above- the band thrashes and shreds their way through another classic that will undoubtedly become a pit favorite. The band also released another track called "House of mirrors" a couple of weeks ago.