Marjorie Taylor Greene banned from Twitter after posting more "Covid misinformation"

Marjorie Taylor Greene was banned from Twitter Sunday after posting a series of tweets the company said broke its policy against covid misinformation. It was her fifth "strike" following previous warnings, a Twitter spokesperson said, incurring a permanent ban. Her official congressional account is still up.

Many media are clear on her response to the ban—"Twitter is an enemy to America and can't handle the truth", she posted on Telegram—but oddly unwilling to report what she posted that got her banned. The New York Times is most forthcoming:

Twitter suspended Ms. Greene's account after she tweeted on Saturday, falsely, about "extremely high amounts of Covid vaccine deaths." She included a misleading chart that pulled information from a government database of unverified raw data called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, a decades-old system that relies on self-reported cases from patients and health care providers.

Interesting how hard it is to find the tweets. I'd bookmarked copies last night, but the links are now dead. It's reasonable to not want to further spread misinformation, but it's wild that the curious have to trawl reddit for potentially manipulated versions of what MTG wrote—and now I'm not certain enough of the material I have to post it here.

Put simply, readers will assume that what said was standard death-cult conservatism a la Ben Shapiro, rather than the plainly unhinged conspiracy gibberish she constantly posted. Why, exactly, do we want people to think that?

UPDATE: here's an alleged copy of the tweets, courtesy of Redditor myopic_cat. This corresponds to stuff I'd screengrabbed. So, with all necessary caveats, here's what appears to be what Twitter banned MTG for:

It' 2022. After 2020, we crossed into a new time dating method. BC and AC. Before Covid. After Covid. We are moving into the third year AC.

Before Covid, People didn't go to the doctor for medical tests unless you were sick. After Covid, Covid testing has become required for whether you are sick or not. The only people winning are the companies who sell Covid test kits bc the government mandates it.

Before Covid, Employers were angered by employees that faked being sick to get out of work. After Covid, Employers demand Covid testing weekly of UV employees displaying zero symptoms and send them home from work if they are positive but not even sick, killing productivity.

Before Covid, Well people would have scoffed at long lines of people testing to find out if they are sick or not. After Covid, Well people are required to covid test to be allowed to work or in hopes they test positive in order to get out of work.

Before Covid, Employers didn't demand employees vaccine records and firing employees based on their private medical info would have been discrimination & grounds for lawsuits. After Covid, Healthy employees are fired, not based on job performance, but on vax status.

Before Covid, Well people were welcomed everywhere and there was no discrimination based on vaccine status and no one ever asked. After Covid, Unvaccinated healthy people are a subclass being fired and denied services, even though they have natural immunity & aren't sick.

Before Covid, Doctors saved lives and never discriminated against sick or injured people based on vaccine record. After Covid, Doctors are refusing to treat sick or injured people if they aren't Covid vaxxed violating their Hippocratic Oath.

Before Covid, Tiny % of high risk people took personal responsibility from dangers to their health and the high % of low risk people kept life going. After Covid, Government forced high % of low risk healthy people to stop life, ruining our economy & children's education.

Before Covid, Masking healthy children from a virus that hardly is a risk to any child was unheard of and would never happen. After Covid, Masking healthy children is the norm ruining their natural learning & causing illness by repeated use of dirty mask filled with germs.

Before Covid, Criminals wore masks to hide their identity and face coverings were frowned upon by law enforcement. After Covid, People are considered criminals if they don't wear masks and are held accountable by law enforcement.

Before Covid, People understood how viruses spread and said they wouldn't comply to tyrannical governments. After Covid, People go along with fictitious rules about how viruses spread and comply with tyrannical government agencies silly rules.

Before Covid, If a vaccine worked, it protected the vaccinated people from virus/disease. Only 1-2 shots were needed and boosters weren't needed until years later. After Covid, Covid Vaccinated people still get covid & some die, even 2 shots & 1-2 boosters are not enough.

Before Covid, Reported deaths from vaccines were taken seriously and dangerous vaccines were stopped. After Covid, Extremely high amounts of covid vaccine deaths are ignored and government forced vaccine mandates increase.

Before Covid, Treatment for virus/disease used facts/data to treat & protect the vulnerable. After Covid, Government mandates unnecessary vaccines for low risk people. Knowing 90% of deaths are 50+ and w/ obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions, the Gov ignores treatments.

Before Covid, When it came to virus/disease the focus was to save lives not the method. After Covid, The government chosen method (vaccines) and the chosen pharmaceutical companies are the focus instead of life saving treatments.

Before Covid, Ivermectin was widely available and a long trusted cheap life saving medicine. After Covid, Even with studies showing Ivermectin safety and effectiveness against covid, the FDA is blocking the use of Ivermectin for covid.

Before Covid, Discriminating on the basis of color was wrong. After Covid, If you are white, you are likely last to receive life saving monoclonal antibodies.

Before Covid, We were all equal. After Covid, If you are unvaccinated, you're no longer equal and the President of the United States thinks unvaccinated Americans are more dangerous than China, open borders, and high crime.

Before Covid, We were free. After Covid, We are no longer free. The question is will the people break free from covid psychosis before it's too late.