The reason more Black women are choosing to give birth at home

It's impossible to ignore the generational disadvantages into which most Black Americans are born. One of the most insidious works against Black Americans being born in the first place: Black mothers in America have the highest maternal mortality rate. Out of 100,000 births, 43 Black mothers will die while giving birth. Statistically, that number may seem minuscule, but when compared to the 17 white mothers that die likewise, the disparity is clear.

Several factors contribute to the Black maternal mortality rate, but the most preventable one is how white doctors respond to Black patients. White doctors are more inclined to discredit the pain of Black mothers. Consequently, more Black expectant mothers turn to doulas and homebirth as a safer alternative.

In the video linked above, Vice explores the brutal realities Black mothers faced during the pandemic, taking the already dangerous practice of birthing while Black to a new level of difficulty.