Stunning selfies from China's Mars probe

China's Tiawnwen 1 probe in orbit around Mark launched a small camera to grab stunning selfies and other beautiful images above the Red Planet. The probe has been in orbit for 11 months. From

The views give an unprecedented view of a spacecraft in orbit around another planet, showing the golden body of Tianwen 1, the silver high-gain antenna for communications, solar arrays and science antennae. A closeup shows the spacecraft's radar antenna parallel to the solar array[…]

"The orbiter is currently orbiting Mars in very good condition. We can see our orbiter flying around Mars in a working state, and we can clearly see the solar panel wings, directional antenna and some of the antenna facilities in orbit," Sun Zezhou, Tianwen 1 chief system designer, told state media.

Northern Ice Cap of Mars

Tainwen 1's solar array and science antenna