Temuera Morrison says 'The Book of Boba Fett' is like 'Remington Steele' but in space

Temuera Morrison, the actor who has played many of Star Wars best characters, is currently relegated to the role of a wooden, retcon'd Boba Fett. Episode one of Boba's new show was a recounting of Boba's failures. Present-day Boba seems still seems far from competent and his sidekick, Fennic Shand, played by the amazing Ming-na Wen, seems to have all the parkour and butt-kicking skills.

In this interview, Morrison compares the Boba/Fennic dynamic to Remington Steele. I think he misremembers how Remington Steele actually worked. Steele was a made-up identity used by a stellar private investigator, Laura Holt, to land work that misogynists would have given to a less competent man BECAUSE. Brosnan's character was a good-looking thief with delusions of grandeur and no name freeloading off her hard work.

Boba's one good, and apparently redeeming, move is to remember how Princess Leia did things, and to use his slave chains to choke a bad guy. I did enjoy how the Tusken kid was cute even in their stillsuit.

Can we have the book of Captain Rex next?