This 11-in-1 groomer kit will have you channeling your inner Ryan Reynolds in no time

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Whether you have an important work meeting or are getting together with friends for drinks on a Saturday night, looking good on the outside ensures you feel even better on the inside. But when you can't trim your beard or pluck those forever-growing nose hairs before you go out the door, your confidence can take a serious hit. 

Body grooming is no joke, and when you need to look your best, you have to have the right tools at your disposal, and the BODBARBER is exactly the grooming kit for the job. Equipped with an 11-in-1 grooming set like this, you'll be able to trim, cut, and shave any part of your body that could use some attention. And the best part? It costs way less than a single trip to the barber. 

Toting an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, BODBARBER is changing the way men handle their grooming needs. That's because, unlike other grooming tools out there, this device features micro teeth technology, preventing your most sensitive areas from painful nicks and cuts. Plus, it's incredibly easy to use, and you can even bring it into the shower or bath with you. 

The BODBARBER comes with everything you'd possibly need to groom from head to toe, including important attachments like a body groomer, a groin groomer, a design trimmer, an ear and nose groomer, and much more. It also comes with a handy brush to rid your skin of loose hair, shaver guards for super-accurate shaving, and grooming mats to keep your workspace nice and tidy. 

Great for taking with you on the go, this 11-in-1 grooming tool boasts a long-lasting, fast-charging battery that doesn't require you to have to be attached to a cord as you use it. The BODBARBER also comes with a handy travel bag to keep all the kit's pieces organized and in good shape. 

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